WATCH: Michael Cohen returns to Capitol Hill

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Also in Washington, Michael Cohen back on capitol hill today for closed door testimony before the house intelligence committee. As president trump labels the congressional investigations a big fat fishing expedition and his lawyers refuse to turn over documents detailing how the president pushed for his son-in-law, Jared Kushner’s security clearance over objections from intelligence officials. Mary Bruce tracking it all. This could mean a showdown in court. Reporter: Yeah, George, house Democrats are weighing whether they should subpoena for this information, which would likely lead to a tough court battle. Look, the white house says they’re not complying with this request because it was overly intrucistic and the president does have the legal authority to grant these kinds of clearances but the democratic chairman here says there is a difference between a president using his legal authority to grant clearances and a president who overrules his top advisers to benefit his family and agedly conceals it and, George, this all comes, of course, as Cohen is said to do another round of closed door testimony likely to press him on questions from Russia to that his legal team may have reached out to trump’s team for a possible pardon. A brand-new investigation in New York of his insurance practices that has grown out of that Michael Cohen last week, it seems. Reporter: A direct response to what Michael Cohen said in response to a line of questioning from freshman democratic Alexandria ocasio-cortez, Cohen told her the president ex-age rated his wealth to insurance companies and seeing New York regulators subpoenaing his insurance broker. It’s just yet another line of inquiry into the president’s personal finances and business dealings. Mary, ocasio-cortez, part of a new struggle. She is defending her fellow freshman ilhan OMAR who made some remarks and they’re trying to pass a resolution taking on anti-semitism. Reporter: This is exposing a real family feud. A generational and ideological divide between sort of the old guard, older more established house member, house Democrats and younger freshmen more liberal members. At issue are comments by representative OMAR that critics say are anti-semitic and whether she’s being singled out we know the house will be voting tomorrow on this formal condemnation of anti-semitism but it’s largely seen as a rebuke of representative OMAR and you are seeing so many of those fellow freshmen coming to her response just exposing this real divide in the democratic party. Okay, Mary, thanks very much. As the senate is set to reject president trump’s emergency declaration to build

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